Honor. Loyalty. Strength.

Elite alien warrior Benyon believes in all three. He rose in the ranks of his planet’s legion of highly skilled fighters, earning his position with S.E.T.I. upholding the treaty between Earth and Yedahn.
He never expected his bonding marks to respond to a short, curvy tigress defending her three rebellious, talented children.

Work. Live. Say under the radar.

Single mother Zoriah trudges through her days as a Low Tier worker providing the best life possible for her children. But her teenage son, brilliant and headstrong, comes to the notice of Social Intervention.

The government agency that jails parents and tears families apart.

She must allow her son to join the alien training facility, and possibly be conscripted for war. And where he goes, the others follow . . .

Furious her three children—even eight-year-old Ashe—have been battle training in secret, Zoriah crashes a session to rip their instructor a new one.

She isn’t prepared for the instant heat between them, or his insistence that it is his duty to care for her and her children.

Even though he offers a better life on his own planet, she isn’t certain she has the courage to leave everything she has ever known.

And even though his own government tries to take his mate away, and his own people threaten the life of his new son, Benyon will fight fang and sword to keep his mate and family.

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“We have not proved the marks are real.”

“They are real enough to him, and I’m disinclined to disbelieve something that is staring me in my face, girl. But that is something we may test at another time.”

Zoriah watched the faces of the council, uneasy. Visions of Benyon lunging at the elders assailed her. If that happened, then security would be called. This was a warrior/hunter society, even though they all liked to call themselves farmers—she was pretty certain they would have to use physical force to restrain him. What would the penalties of that be? She knew what the penalties would have been on earth. Years in a rehabilitation facility, locked away from family and home, your children assigned to a government dormitory for minors.

“Benyon,” she said, touching his wrist. Time to get this show on the road.

He looked down at her. The fury in his eyes almost caused her to flinch, even knowing that they had already agreed to the scenario. “Maybe you should agree to it. We give her her courting period, and then you file for the annulment. It is better than the alternative.”

“Which is?” His voice was icy.

She held his eyes. “You getting thrown in jail for attempted murder.”

“It would not be attempted.”

He turned back to the elders, displeasure in the set of his shoulders. “Very well. My yada'ami desires to show her respect for our customs.”

Jora relaxed. “Very wise. And you are agreed, N'Tani? A formal courting period, and then an annulment if the relationship is not consummated?”

Zoriah stiffened, wishing she had fangs of her own to flash. Consummated, her ass. N'Tani nodded, lowering her eyes. “Yes. All I wanted was the chance to prove I am a true wife.”

Which meant she would be spending her time trying to seduce Benyon.