Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior ruthlessly hunts down his mate's enemies. A new mother discovers the power of her bonding marks—and the strength to fight back.

Vivian never thought a midnight run would land her on planet Yedahn, in the custody of an elite royal warrior claiming she is his genetic fated mated.

Kinda hard to argue with facts when she's about to have his baby.

But forget the baby shower, the traffickers who kidnapped her want their investment back. Sucks to be them, because Vivian won't be taken, ever again . . . except by her mate. And someone forgot to mention that the glowy marks on her arms give her access to far more than her warrior's wealth . . . 

Tai'ri's work on the anti-human trafficking task force has just become personal. A twist of fate gives him what he's always wanted, a mate and child of his own, but they come packaged with relentless enemies determined to take back what is his.

He claimed his mate, and he will keep his mate. Even if it means his life.

Warrior’s Captive is a genetic fated mates, steamy slow burn, surprise pregnancy urban sci fi romance with a HEA. Book 4 in the Warriors of Yedahn series.


Download now because you love action on distant planets, high tech alien civilizations, heroines who start off as damsels but end up taking no prisoners, and warriors not afraid to kill for what they claim.




She whirled, and her kick connected with strong hands. Tai’ri, clothed in black and silent as a shadow, threw her onto her back.

She scissored to her feet, engaged. 

He wasn’t nearly as harsh as Banujani. He pulled his attacks at the last moment, fingers skimming her body where Banujani would have let the blow connect. Where it was a fight with the female guard, with Tai’ri it was a . . . dance.

But it had been a long day and no matter how her blood fired her limbs, those same limbs were on the brink of collapse. Banujani was right; her endurance was poor—and she had other plans for tonight. Though it occurred to her she could have gone about this in a less disheveled way.

“Enough,” Tai’ri said, voice deep and quiet in the night.

Vivian halted, panting, drawing in great gulps of air into her lungs. “You’re home.”

His mouth quirked in a smile. “I’m home.” He took her hand and drew her inside. “You’re tired, should be resting.” His fingers brushed her face, leaving heat where he touched her, and he turned to the inset fridge.

Tai’ri poured them one of his post workout smoothies he prepared in batches. “I wanted to wait up for you. I wanted to ask you about the marks.”

He leaned back against the counter, sipping his drink, and stared at her. “Ask.”

“Today while I was training, it was as if I slipped into a trance. I’m a raw beginner, but . . .  it didn’t feel like it. The moves felt familiar, as if I’d done them many times before.”


She watched him, narrowing her eyes. “I don’t know much about your people’s medtech with these tattoos, and your Inkmaster’s seem to be priests or something, but can the marks transfer data? Memory?”

He considered her. “We aren’t fully bonded. Threads are there.”

That didn’t really answer the question. She waited.

“Yes,” he said finally, “that’s one of the possible benefits. Doesn’t always happen like that, but it can. Interesting.”

“I’m getting stronger. Faster.” She tilted her head, looked up at him through her lashes. “I landed a blow on Banujani today.”

He lifted a brow, eyes glinting.

“Come on, you know that means something. Banujani is ruthless.”

“If she underestimated you enough that you were allowed to hit her, she won’t make that mistake again.”

Vivian grimaced. “Well, I guess my bruises would be lonely without company.”

He set his drink down and then lifted her up into his arms, striding to the couch. He sat, cradling her in his lap.

“Let me see,” he demanded. “She shouldn’t be so hard on you. You’re a beginner.”

She nuzzled his neck with her nose, inhaling his unique scent, then pressed a kiss against his skin.

Tai’ri stilled. “What did Vykhan want? Why was he here?” His voice was slightly hoarse.

“Hmm. He just said I was on the first step to Silence. Then he left.”

She’d been exhausted, but resting in his arms renewed her energy. Energy, and the desire that simmered in her blood, growing stronger as she grew stronger.

Strong enough to hold her own against that darkness he kept hidden. Strong enough to be his bonded mate. completely.

She shifted, turning to straddle his lap and looked into his half wary, half slumberous gaze. Her hands rose, tangling in the hair at his nape.

“You sure you want to start something, Viv?” he asked in his soft drawl.

“Mayleen will sleep for at least another hour.” She didn’t recognize the seductive croon of her own voice.

He blinked. “Ah . . .”

“Are you blushing?“

“I don’t blush, female.” He narrowed his eyes, an edge to the smile he now gave her. 

She lowered her head, her lips hovering over his. Then she slipped off his lap and began to walk away, an extra sway to her hips when she glanced over her shoulder. “Well, I guess it’s been a long day for you. I’ll just—”

He was on her as she stepped into the hallway, arms swiping her feet off the floor again. Tai’ri pressed her back against the wall, her legs wrapping instinctively around his waist.

“It hasn’t been that long a day,” he said, heat in his eyes, a faint growl in his voice.


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