A war of Fae Houses. A Prince waking from darkness. A woman drenched in his blood.

Prince Renaud, my mother’s killer, is waking. The Court has not felt the full weight of an Old One in centuries, and it’s my fault.

I am Aerinne Capulette, Lady of House Faronne, and I will have my vengeance against House Montague and Renaud. 

Blood on his lips. Power in his touch. A maelstrom in his eyes.

The Prince, an Old One, High Lord of House Montague, is fixated on claiming me. The weight of his grip crushes my throat, and resistance is . . . well.


Mirror, mirror in my abyss, who is truly the Darkest Fae in our midst? Renaud may taste my blood on his lips, but I have his son’s blood on my hands.

The time for secrets is coming to a close. We must both step onto another killing field—far from Everenne—but fields soaked in lies turn into mines to destroy us all.

Her first night moonlighting as an exotic dancer, half-Fae college freshman Nyawira accidentally beguiles the audience.

Oops. Darkan is pissed.

Panicked, she accepts the aid of a mysterious stranger, who teaches her how to undo the damage—but everything has a price, and his is a 

night captive in his palace.

This Fae of Everenne Labyrinth inspired novelette is approx. 70 pages.

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SPOILER ALERT: Should be read only after Blood On His Lips.