Every bargain comes with a price. And half-Fae Aerinne Nyawira must pay for aid in blood and desire.


Her first night moonlighting as an exotic dancer, half-Fae college freshman Nyawira accidentally beguiles the audience.


Oops. Darkan is pissed.


Panicked, she accepts the aid of a mysterious High Lord, who teaches her how to undo the damage—but everything has a price, and his is a night captive in his ocean palace. . .but she will not escape his labyrinth unscathed.

“Now run, my halfling,” he crooned. “Run, run, run little lamb, I will catch you if I can.”

He sounded demented. Was he attempting to rhyme on purpose? 


A vine whipped between my lips with a stinging snap, acting as a gag to muffle my words.

His hands rested lightly on my knees, his breath caressing my inner thigh as he placed a soft kiss on my skin. One, and then another, forming a ladder of kisses that ended at the juncture of my thighs. I shuddered, testing my bonds again and finding my wrists remained tightly controlled by his vicious plants. Thinner, more flexible vines slithered under my bodice and shredded it, baring my breasts.

He turned his head slightly, lips hovering over my mound. “I said I would do nothing you did not allow,” he murmured, “but I did not say I would make no attempt to change your mind.”

His tongue darted out as I shrieked muffled obscenities in four languages, and he spread my folds wide, giving himself access. The thin vines circled my nipples, tightening like pinching fingertips.