Honor. Loyalty. Strength.

Elite alien warrior Benyon believes in all three. He rose in the ranks of his planet’s legion of highly skilled fighters, earning his position with S.E.T.I. upholding the treaty between Earth and Yedahn.

He never expected his bonding marks to respond to a short, curvy tigress defending her three rebellious, talented children.

Work. Live. Say under the radar.

Single mother Zoriah trudges through her days as a Low Tier worker providing the best life possible for her children. But her teenage son, brilliant and headstrong, comes to the notice of Social Intervention.

The government agency that jails parents and tears families apart.

She must allow her son to join the alien training facility, and possibly be conscripted for war. And where he goes, the others follow . . .

Furious her three children—even eight-year-old Ashe—have been battle training in secret, Zoriah crashes a session to rip their instructor a new one.

She isn’t prepared for the instant heat between them, or his insistence that it is his duty to care for her and her children.

Even though he offers a better life on his own planet, she isn’t certain she has the courage to leave everything she has ever known.

And even though his own government tries to take his mate away, and his own people threaten the life of his new son, Benyon will fight fang and sword to keep his mate and family.

Terminally ill bride candidate + an alien wolf in doctor's clothing = healing that lasts longer than a lifetime.

What can a Low Tier woman do when she's terminally ill? Enter an elite alien warrior training program thinking there is no way she will ever be chosen as a bride and mate. She desperately needs the stipend to take care of her mother- especially when she has agreed to die in return for money.


He refuses to watch another woman he loves die. Secret warrior Jaron came to Earth to study human medicine as a part of the Yadeshi-human treaty and exchange program. When Mila entered his office months ago, he realized she possessed the spirit of warrior and healer- and decided he would do everything to make sure she lived. Even against her will. Even if it means bonding her as his mate... without her full knowledge. He's determined that when she finds out what he has done, she won't reject him.


But Mila is hiding secrets from Jaron. A girl has to hedge her bets and even though he told her to stay away from the research facility hosting a sinister clinical trial... well- they pay. And the more money she can squirrel away for her mother once Mila dies, the better.


Except now they want to know why Mila is miraculously healing from a terminal illness... they want to study the strange things happening to her DNA. They are willing to kidnap her to enforce her cooperation.

A Dark Alien Prince + his unquenchable desire x his insatiable thirst = a warrior willing to defy a galaxy to claim his mate.

Born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, warrior bride-in-training Gayle throws it away in order to sneak aboard a Yadeshi military vessel to escape imprisonment by her family. Ithann, the alpha alien warrior she's been taunting with flirts and sloe-eyed glances for several weeks, is enraged by her sudden disappearance and abandons his teaching post to follow. When he catches her, Gayle must accept a highly indecent proposal to avoid being thrown in the ship's brig- and by accepting, embroils herself in Ithann's decades long feud with a rival nobleman.


Roped into an arranged marriage, she is determined to avoid the shackles of a mate bond, but Ithann is determined that not only will they bond, but that she will have his baby. Their battle of wills may cost Gayle her life.


A scorching hot, borderline dark sci-fi/fantasy romance for readers who enjoy taunting, alpha, bloodthirsty- and blood-drinking- alien warriors who will sever heads to claim their chosen mates. A 40K word novel, HEA, 3rd in the Yadeshi Brides series. It may be read as a standalone, however characters from the prior two books make brief appearances.

Warriors Captive Final.jpg

A royal alien warrior. Intergalactic traffickers hunting to recapture his fated bondmate. A surprise baby that will bring them together, or tear them apart.

Abducted and knocked up, a new mother battles for freedom—while falling in love with the warrior who claims her as his mate. For readers who love intense alpha aliens, strong willed heroines, genetic fated mates, and nonstop adventure and conflict.

After a year imprisoned in hell, Vivian is finally rescued by her baby’s father, Tai’ri, an elite royal spy and warrior. He marks her as his, and won’t let go without a fight.

Vivian’s beginning to love the intense alien offering his body, home, and wealth, only the traffickers have discovered her location, and the relentless kidnap attempts are destroying her life.

But she'll be damned if they take her ever again, and training to become a warrior ensures she will stand at her mate's side as an equal. Tai’ri takes them down until every last one is dead, blowing his cover and earning the enmity of powerful people.

He claimed his mate, and he will keep his mate. Even if it means his life.

Redemption. Assassination. A bond forged under fire.

Reign is given a second chance to save her career when a royal friend offers her a job on an elite team of personal guards. Determined to prove her worth, she fends off sneaky sabotage by the implacable head of security, Vykhan, who thinks she is dangerous and hot-headed.

Reign doesn't give a f*ck what the warrior priest thinks, but they will have to learn to work together when an assassination attempt means placing herself in Vykhan’s hands undercover on a spaceship known for its dark—and deadly—pleasures.

Only Vykhan isn’t who he seems to be. He has a shady past, and exposure to his old ways threatens to reveal his inner beast.