After a millennia asleep to prevent falling to mating madness, Kaspien’s thirteen have taken over Chicago and demanded all eligible women present themselves until they each find their mates.

A grassroots human organization has organized a rebellion to try and drive the dragons out.

These are the stories.


A ruthless dragon lord who destroyed Chicago. A woman desperate to end his reign of fire.


A thousand years of sleep. Before that, a thousand years waiting.


But when Alanna walks into dragon shifter Kaspien’s night club, he knows his sentence is over. He’ll claim his mate—even though she’s his assassin.


Alanna didn’t expect Kaspien’s sensual pull to hit her like a punch in the gut. She came to kill him, but wound up spread on his desk. . .


. . .and blooded by his talons.


He says she’s his mate.

But how can the ultimate predator forgive the ultimate betrayal?


Her only choice is to run, and hope the dragon in front of her doesn’t kill her before the enemy behind her does.


When Valeria answers the summons to a mandatory mating selection, she doesn’t expect a green-eyed forest god to claim her as his mate—right in front of her fiancé.


As soon as he takes his first kiss, her body is aflame, and the bond begins to unravel every objection.


But her family is not so enamored. They would rather see her burn.

Will love and desire confine her to the flames when Chicago wars to reclaim one of its own?



First Scent punched him in the gut. He didn’t expect to find his mate, or that she would belong to another man.


But nothing will keep him from claiming Valeria’s sweet body, not even her own fear. He’s waited a thousand years and his feral dragon won’t wait a minute more.

The humans may try to take her from him, but he’ll kill them all if he must. By talon, by fang and by flame, he will keep what he’s claimed.


Dragon Claimed is a steamy paranormal shifter dragon romance with a broody, intense, possessive alpha male. For readers who love fated mates, conflict, and pages of scorching lust. Novella Two in the Thunder of Dragons series. Only open if you like protective dragons who are hot, rough, and thumb their nose at the word no.