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A winter Queen. The warrior who would claim her for his mate. A deadly secret keeping them apart.


Theon went mad with grief and murdered his mate. Only she didn’t die, and the unicorn sorceress has finally returned. Will she wreak vengeance on his clan down to the last cub, or will the Solstice moon bring peace and healing?


Elsaday is determined to discover the secret her warriors have been hiding from her since she woke from a coma.


When she sneaks into the bear shifter settlement, she discovers more than an enemy. . .she slowly begins to remember the mate she left behind. 


Polar Enemies is a steamy shifter romance novella for readers who like bwwm interracial couples, possessive shifter males and fierce heroines. If you enjoy enemies to lovers, second chance stories with hidden danger and a HEA, download now.


On the run hiding a powerful relic, Jezamine meets a billionaire dragon with a magical jewel that chooses her as his mate.


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Curvy human Tamsin can’t have the forbidden male she loves, son of the Clan Alpha.


But when Luth refuses to allow her to wed a rival, Tamsin realizes that maybe the burn isn’t one-sided…

What A Bear Wants is a steamy bear shifter paranormal romance novella set in the same world as Clan Conroy Brides and Royal Bears.

Standalone, HEA, great for readers who enjoy a quick, satisfying lunch or bedtime read. You’ll love the alpha males, feisty bbw, and scorching love scenes.


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Fated mates. Hidden enemy. Her heart, and his loyalty, will be put to the test.


Annina must claim the leadership of Clan Fire Eagle. But the Council sends their enforcer, Kavanaugh, to clean up the clan’s mess—by force if needed. 


To escape his control, her people invoke an ancient tradition, mating Annina to the enforcer for a year and a day.


Only he decides he wants the clan and the woman—forever.


Especially when he discovers the unexpected pregnancy she is trying to keep secret.



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A woman who can healor killwith a Touch. An Alpha determined to claim her to save his son. A dragon enemy threatening to take their territory by trickery…or deadly force.

Lea’s plan is to lie low, eat junk food, and not run afoul of one of the many alpha’s who claim and control rare Healers like herself. If she doesn’t bond soon, she runs the risk of going mad when using her magic. She’s good with that. But her clan Alpha instead sends her on assignment and the very thing she didn’t want, she runs smack into—


 —all six foot, hard muscled, steely eyed worth of single-minded alpha bear shifter who will use her to save his dying son, whether she likes it or not.


Only there is more going on in his territory than he wants to let on. As they fight, and succumb to an irresistible, and unwanted, drive to mate, dragons rain fire from the skies, attempting to force the small but lethal bear clan from its rich territory. Lea’s skills as a Healer will be needed more than ever.


And when her mating results in the conception of a special baby, she’ll have to go all in whether she risks her independence or not.