On the run from Fae slavers, the best chance of survival is to submit to the Immortal Sorting.

I’ll be claimed by an Orc in exchange for protection. The price? A life of servitude.

But Commander Uther Bachbracht, fearsome warrior with a hidden tenderness only for me, wants more than a concubine; I’m the woman he chooses to be his wife.

My lies may jeopardize our future, but I have no choice but to trust his honor, no chance to rest before enemies find me.

Either I’ll live by my Orc blade, or die by it, and the Commander is willing to kill to protect what he has claimed.

I’ve caught the eye of two of the Three, Fae Lords known for their brutal control over Seanna City’s underworld.

Hiding in jail has kept me alive, but time has run out.

To survive, I’m forced to accept the protection of an Orc warrior from my past, a warrior I betrayed who hunts me down tot are his vengeance.

But now that he knows I gave birth to his baby, he’ll just take me instead.

An Orc crime Lord. A healer caught in a territory war. A soulbond that forces her from hiding.

In hiding from a powerful Fae Lord, when an Orc warrior crashes through my front gate, my disguise is blown to hells and the loathed Fae soulbond triggers. I want him, will submit to him, whether I like it or not.

But despite being one of Seanna City’s Three crime bosses, Lord Cythro has honor. He swears to protect me—if I obey.

He’s controlling, possessive, and determined to keep me safe even if it means keeping me captive.

But my enemy circles, and secrets from my past rise up and threaten the peaceful life I’ve built.

It’s time to step out of the shadows.

Even if that means exchanging freedom for an Orc Lord’s chains.

Something a little lighter?

All Charlotte wanted was One Good Orc. Her, and her little dog, too.

Charlotte is ready to trade in her dancing shoes for baby booties. But not yet. Maybe in a year. Old Charlotte would dive headfirst into a new relationship, new Charlotte has learned a magic word. Boundaries.

She thinks.

The millionaire Orc Brahnt Stonefist who MillionOrc Matchmaking says is her perfect match would tempt a vegan to eat steak.

But after two years in therapy, Charlotte is determined to do this the right way. For once.

Okay, so maybe “right” isn’t a one night stand and a surprise pregnancy. Who knew? But points for effort, right?

She tries to run, but Brahnt won’t let her hide.

This is a 42K Orc Monster Rom Com with puppies, low angst, no drama, steamy shenanigans and surprise pregnancy. This rom com proves that while old habits die hard, true love and one adorable puppy just might be enough to make a match between opposites.