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(the first draft anyway)

There are a few tweaks I want to make, so it will probably change between now and publication, lol. I can't keep my fingers out of Photoshop even when I know damn well I should. One of these days I'll outsource these covers to a real designer. Goals, right?

For the excerpt, scroll to the bottom of the post. :)


This is the 2nd Edition of this set.


  1. LIAM'S BRIDE: Clan Conroy Brides #1 Secrets. Desire. Surprise pregnancy. A BBW romance.

  2. ALPHONSO'S BABY: Clan Conroy Brides #2 Bear shifter Alphonso shunned his curvy mate Tamar to protect her from his dark past... but when he discovers he is the father of her baby, will he take the risk in order to raise their child? A BWWM BBW romance.

  3. NORELLE'S BEAR: Clan Conroy Brides #3 A rebel Alpha billionaire. A beautiful, exiled Bear. A chance at love… but only if they break the Law.

  4. BEAR PRINCE: Royals of Casakraine #1 A curvy, small town ballerina. A Bear Prince yearning for his mate. An archaic law forbidding them to wed... A BWWM BBW romance.

  5. BEAR PRINCESS: Royals of Casakraine #2 A Princess who sacrifices love for duty... a King planning to seize his mate...

  6. BEAR KING: Royals of Casakraine #3 The Bear Queen has a fence around her heart. The Alpha Clan Chief has an ax to chop it down. Their enemy lurks, waiting for an opportunity to strike...

  7. ONE BEARRY NIGHT: A Clan Conroy Novella When Rebekah meets her future mate by chance and falls in love, she must make the agonizing choice to leave him—not knowing that he is the one destined for her.

  8. BEAR IN FURRY ARMOR: A Clan Conroy Novella A baker yearning for her Bear in furry armor. A male ready to Claim his mate. The witch standing between their mate bond.

  9. WHAT A BEAR WANTS: A standalone stepbro shifter romance set in the same world. Curvy human Tamsin loves a forbidden male, the son of the Clan Alpha. She knows she can't have him—wouldn't their union tear the family apart?

  10. POLAR ENEMIES: A powerful winter Queen. The warrior who would claim her for his mate. A deadly secret keeping them apart.

Purchased individually, these books would total $37. Download now for a massive discount! This set is available for a Limited Time.



Her face went red. “I don’t sleep with males I don’t know. And stop looking at me like that! It’s so rude.

His eyes widened, and he placed a hand on his chest. “Skies forbid I am rude. My apologies.”

“You can take your apology and—” she cut off her words, shoving them behind her teeth.

His eyes glinted in satisfaction. “I knew there was a temper behind the soccer mom exterior. You must have everyone else fooled. But not your mate.”

“Oh, for Hekate's sake. I am not your mate.”

“You need courting. This doesn’t displease me.” He stroked his jaw with long fingers. Her eyes followed the movement for a moment before she jerked her gaze away. “Dracaena also give their suitors challenges. It is the dragon way. What do you need?”

What? The question threw her off. When had anyone ever asked her what she needed? No one, of course, because she’d been alone most of her adult life.

“I don’t need anything. I don’t know what you mean.”

He reached out and took her hand, cradling it. Jezamine’s eyes narrowed. All his aggression, snappish temper, and arrogance was gone. Oh, he was good. And capable of switching tactics with lightning speed.

Dragons. Always so tricksy.

“You said I would be a complication.” His lips curved. “A male worth his wings is always a complication, but there are benefits to having a drake for a mate, Jezamine. What do you need? Give me the chance to make myself indispensable to you. I raised a daughter, so you already know I understand taking care of females.”

She didn’t need to be taken care of. And if it were any other point in her life, she would be cautiously pleased. Because yes, the kind of male who would step up and raise his niece as his own, provide a stable home for her, was the kind of male she would be interested in. Stable. Steady. Responsible. A family man.

But. “There are issues with my coven. Joshua and I need to keep out of sight for a few years until things die down.”

His expression shifted, sharpened. “Are you in danger?” He glanced over his shoulder toward the kitchen where the teenagers sat. “I can kill anyone you want me to.”


Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior ruthlessly hunts down his mate's enemies. A new mother discovers the power of her bonding marks—and the strength to fight back.

Vivian never thought a midnight run would land her on planet Yedahn, in the custody of an elite royal warrior claiming she is his genetic fated mate.

Kinda hard to argue with facts when she's about to have his baby.

But forget the baby shower, the traffickers who kidnapped her want their investment back. Sucks to be them, because Vivian won't be taken, ever again . . . except by her mate. And someone forgot to mention that the glowy marks on her arms give her access to far more than her warrior's wealth . . .

Tai'ri's work on the anti-human trafficking task force has just become personal. A twist of fate gives him what he's always wanted, a mate and child of his own, but they come packaged with relentless enemies determined to take back what is his.

He claimed his mate, and he will keep his mate. Even if it means his life.

Warrior’s Captive is a genetic fated mates, steamy slow burn, surprise pregnancy urban sci fi romance with a HEA. Book 4 in the Warriors of Yedahn series.

Download now because you love action on distant planets, high tech alien civilizations, heroines who start off as damsels but end up taking no prisoners, and warriors not afraid to kill for what they claim.


Grier’s fiery passion for Salena might be everything his dragon ever wanted but loving her might just lead to the destruction of everything he’s trying to save.

From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, the much anticipated dragon shapeshifter romance, Qurilixen Lords!

With all that is happening in his land, the upcoming shifter mating ceremony is the least of Grier’s concerns. Even though he is heir prince of the dragon-shifters, he doesn’t have the authority needed to help the humans stranded in dragon territory, nor can he banish those who ruthlessly control them. Yet honor demands he finds an opportunity to intervene, and he hopes that doing so won’t start a war the shifters can’t win. Discovering his destined mate couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Salena knows what it is like to be a pawn of the Federation. They might have kidnapped her and brought her to this strange territory, but she will never do what they want of her… what everyone wants of her. The last thing the fugitive needs is the very public attention of a fierce dragon prince claiming they’re fated by the gods—even if the sexy man makes her burn in more ways than one.


Her scent lured a dragon, yet it is her heart he wants to claim.

In a single night of terror, everything Leyloni knows and loves is destroyed—her home left in flames, her friends and family dead, her way of life erased. She flees with the only other survivor, a baby named Serek. In a world where males are rarely born, Serek is precious beyond measure, and Leyloni must put aside her grief and pain to take him somewhere safe.

The only sanctuary she knows of is a friendly village on the far side of the Endless Forest.

It is a harrowing journey for a huntress to make on her own, more so with a babe. But Leyloni soon realizes she is not alone—she is being stalked by something far more dangerous than any raiders.

The beast is massive with a scaled hide, wicked claws, and sharp teeth. His eyes are like violet lightning, his roar like thunder.

He is a dragon.

And he intends to make her his.


He’s Deadly. He’s Ambitious. He’s the Enemy.

And he’s made conquering me his goal.

A man is the last thing I need in my life, even an intense alien cyborg who sweeps in to help me in a fight. Blue skin, muscles to die for, steely gaze — it doesn’t matter. I don’t want the complications.

As the security officer on the Ladies’ Choice, I fight my own battles. I shouldn’t be inviting more trouble in, even if Trouble is a badass with a rock-hard six pack, sexy scars, and a tail that does amazing things to me.

Okay, Mykor is tempting. Enough that I consider making an exception for him. Everything about him fits me perfectly… until I discover his implants are forcing him into a mission and will kill him if he fails. A mission to kill a member of my crew.

I won't let him succeed. I can’t let him fail. And Mykor cannot step aside. Somehow, we have to find another option. The only thing we can think of is stupid, risky, and our best hope is that it’s so crazy no one will see it coming.

But if it works, we’ll be together. Forever.

Her Alien Rebel is book two of the Salvaged Hearts Series. Each book is a complete science fiction romance story with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending guaranteed.


The human composed a song in his heart, a pull he couldn’t ignore, a draw that demanded further exploration—

When he answered a distress call, L’Den hadn’t expected to find one of the Invaders waiting for him. The tug he feels on his soul is even more surprising, drawing him closer to the woman, in spite of her humanity. Both his second-in-command and A'rch, his companion mogha, seem fine with leaving her behind and letting the desert deal with the problem, but he’s not so sure.

Tessa has spent the last two years hoping for a way off the harsh desert planet where her research vessel crashed, watching her friends die one-by-one, and befriending a strange creature of the sand. But when a rescue ship does arrive, she realizes she might have been better off lost. The Korthans, savage aliens bent on the destruction of humankind, aren’t happy to find her. And yet, despite her fear, she can’t deny the pull she feels towards one of them.

Korthans only have one chance to find a true mate, but chasing after the human could risk the safety of the colony he’s sworn to protect. Even though the call of a mating bond demands a higher loyalty, L’Den never expected to have to choose.



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“You wanted to dance,” he said. “So let’s dance.”

“I have this feeling you are way more trouble than I can handle.”

“You’d probably be right, but don’t you want to find out? You were throwing challenge across the room. I’m the only one who picked up the gauntlet.”

His impersonal grip shifted, his fingers loosening, skimming her body to make it clear that now that he had her attention, the gesture was meant to seduce, rather than control.

“What did I say about hands?”

He smiled again, a slow, taunting flash of white teeth. “Why don’t we play a game? I’ll try and touch, and you’ll try and cut. We’ll see who wins, sweetheart.”

Don’t call me that.” But she didn’t tell him no, and she didn’t pull away.

Fine. Well she knew her judgment was shit already. Hadn’t she wound up on Yedahn because of shit judgment? And that had worked out in a twisted fashion. She had an adorable kid, a job she loved, friends and even a kind of family. So maybe playing with this man wouldn’t blow up in her face. 

And he was hot.

But she hesitated, her own vulnerability a stark reality.

Maybe he saw something in her face, but the edge in his aura evaporated, softened. “It’s crowded on this level,” he said quietly, “and if you have guards that means crowded is a concern. Let’s go somewhere more defensible.”

“So, what, if a baddie comes for me, you’re gonna jump in front of the blaster?”

He just looked at her. “You’re mine for the evening. No one will come for you.”


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