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Four SFR and PNR sales and release. This month's FREE and limited time sales promos and a massive Kindle Unlimited subscription discount!

On sale for .99 thru 7/19! Reg. $4.99. Also in Kindle Unlimited.

A royal paranormal shifter trilogy for readers who enjoy futuristic billionaire romance with a twist of court intrigue. Strong, competent heroines and fierce, sardonic heroes. Download now because you love high action, high heat, conflict and immersive romance.


A prince, a brilliant scientist, a plot to murder them both. Either half-human Surah cures the Prince, or she will be sold in marriage to a warrior she doesn’t love….


A royal guard, a single mother, danger in the royal court. Bea learns to fight to survive her lover’s war-like world. Royal warrior Nikolau must decide who to protect first—his prince, ro the woman he loves.


A Fae assassin vows to kill the warrior Prince determined to win her heart. . .will his love overcome her thirst for vengeance?

This is a gargoyle shifter urban fantasy paranormal romance series featuring royalty, assassins, strong female leads and plenty of action and adventure. If you love hot alpha men with wings and heroines over 30, download now. Featuring WOC heroines.

A mission that can't fail. A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart.

Wren Tulloch needs a win. If this mission to capture a rare sapo explosivo fails, she's out. She has to prove she's good enough. If she doesn't, she knows the cost of failure.

But Wren has a problem. All six foot six inches of smoldering, purple-eyed, Apexian. Her work partner is a rule breaker. A good time alien, with abs to die for and an attitude that makes her blood boil. If only he wasn't so toe-curlingly gorgeous. But she won't fall for him. If she does, he'll mess her around, and her fragile heart will shatter.

Striker Bandidar lives in the moment. Screw tomorrow. He could be dead by then. And rules are for morons. But there's one adorable Human rule keeper who's making him have second thoughts. He won't go there. He's faced soul shattering loss and betrayal from people he trusted. Have fun, live for today, and everything will be fine.

But when his gorgeous, frustratingly sexy partner is taken, Striker learns some rules have to be obeyed if you're to find meaning, joy, and a happily ever after in the stars. Will he overcome his fears and lose his heart to Wren? And if he does, will she let him in?

This standalone action-romance novel has a crew of feisty, smart women; hot, gorgeous Apexian alien warriors; action-packed battles; funny, quirky alien critters, and steamy scenes set in space.

If you like muscled alien warriors, women who know how to throw a punch, and steamy romance, you’ll love Ruled, book one in Arcadia Shield's sci-fi romance series.


"Don't miss this shifter series from Skye Jones," Michelle Fox Bestselling Author.

Little Red is all grown up and about to have the adventure of her life!

I must be crazy. I've only gone and agreed to spend a year studying remote wildlife in the Scottish Highlands. Just me. In a cabin in the woods. All alone...until him.

Drew is dangerous, charismatic, and too good looking for my own good. He also says I'm his.

Not a chance.

I could run, except these woods look awfully dark. If I got lost, would he find me?

Once I find out what true horrors lurk in the dark, I'll be praying he does.

This is the first novella in the Shifters of the Glen series and shorter than the other stories in this series.

There are some dark themes, so trigger warnings do apply.


Alora Church, scientist extraordinaire, is used to being valued for her mind, not her womb.

She barely leaves her lab long enough to see the effects of the aliens that have invaded Earth. When her best friend is Summoned to become an Axxeon breeder, Alora is prepared to help her run. Until two huge Axxeon warriors show and take Alora captive instead. She thinks there’s nothing worse than being taken as an alien incubator... but she’s wrong. Very wrong. 

Tryllin, King of the Axxeon made a pact with Earth’s leaders to save them from genocide in exchange for select females. They have a common enemy, one that has infiltrated Earth and Tryllin is prepared to destroy. But he needs the scientist’s help, willing or not. 

Now it’s time for her to make a sacrifice… until he suspects she’s also his fated mate. Can he make his captive a willing bride, or will destiny leave his arms empty and his soul shattered?

Axxeon King's Captive is a standalone, first in the Mates for Axxeon 9 series. It contains dark elements, and all the sci-fi romance you crave!


Curvy earth witch meets dangerously sexy wolf. Will she accept his claim before it's too late?

After an epically bad blind date, Zoey Monroe swore off men forever and got a tattoo that says “love bites.” Maybe she shouldn’t have tempted fate. A very powerful Mafia wolf has bitten her on the ass on a full moon. According to the Moretti Pack, the “moon-bite” means she is now the mate of Dominic Lombardi. Dominic will follow Zoey to the ends of the earth—no matter how far she runs or how well she hides. Crowding her world and refusing to take no for an answer, he refuses to stop courting her until she becomes his wife. New dangers suddenly rear their ugly heads and threaten all of Encantado, the supernatural sin city Zoey calls home. When dark magic arrives, will she stop running long enough for her werewolf to claim his bride, or will she find herself fitted with a cement overcoat and sleeping with the fishes.








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