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The saga of the Orc Kings begins. . .

LO, praise the might of the powerful

Orc empire, feared by all, conquered by none.

Its King an ancient ruler of renown, strong

of sword and magic.

But behold, the King

has succumbed to the Unseelie madness.

His brother in blood and First Lord strove

to save the empire by honorable


J’roth lost, the penalty death.

But the King’s council intervened, knowing

that to lose the bloodline of Lord J’roth

would spell disaster for their people.

And so it was that for his crime of treason,

Lord J’roth, First Lord and General of the

mighty Orc empire, was cast out, he and his followers

and his newborn son, Korgath, with him.

For one hundred and twenty days and nights they

sailed, coming soon upon the shores

of a wild isle.

They set to conquer the isle; the centaurs

and the creeping human settlers.

But J’roth was betrayed, and the

question of leadership of the outcast hoard

became a matter of bloodshed.

For ten decades the Orcs retreated to their

newly claimed forests and mountains

and warred.

From the wars, seven fearsome Kings

emerged, among them the Truthseer

Korgath, son of J’roth, undefeated

in battle.

The Six Kings bent the knee to J’roth,

and thus the new Orc empire

has now turned its attention again to

the wild centaurs and the creeping

human settlers. . .

. . .humans who have watched,

and conspired, and built their


Humans who are now a worthy


The Orc Kings set out to conquer the

isle, but find there is hidden strength

and mysterious beauty secreted

among the ranks of the mortal



Among the ranks of its women.


We begin with the story of Korgath,

son of J’roth. . .






Son of the Lord who rebelled against the Orc Emperor and was outcast to the Isle Brithia, he has spent his entire life warring to ensure the survival of the conspirators and their offspring.


Now it is time for the newly crowned Orc Kings to turn their attention to the encroaching human and centaur settlements.


 There is gold, iron ore, and coal on the Isle, and its rich fishing and hunting plus its location adjacent to a newly formed sea trade route makes it ripe for conquest.


Whoever tames this wilderness will become a military and political might in the world.


Korgath is determined to be the might, but first he must bring the human Senator who claims Brithia on behalf of the Romades Empire.





Agathea duels the Orc Erkving, and loses. She must become his personal slave for a year and a day. But she is playing the long game. 1,556 words

Published 10/29/2021

Korgath meets Agathea and immediately realizes she is not what she seems. He demands humans brides as tribute. 2,318 words

Published 11/08/2021

Agathea and Korgath begin a silent dance . . .  3,031 words

Published 11/08/2021