A rebel Alpha billionaire. A beautiful, exiled Bear. A chance at love… but only if they break the Law.

Norelle Challenged the Alpha and lost. Exiled to Seattle until she drags home a rebellious billionaire to face the Council, she discovers a possibility for love and family… but only at the expense of her future position in the Council.


Cassius has no love for the Council. If they’d had their way, he would never have been born. When a angry Bear female bursts in on a business meeting, he knows instantly she is his mate. But she is also a staunch supporter of the Council… the very shifters he can’t stand, and would consign to hell given the chance.


She wants him to come home and uphold the law of their people. He wants her to renounce the Council and make a family, a Den, with him.


Norelle’s Bear is a paranormal romance. 3rd in the Clan Conroy Brides series, it can be enjoyed as a steamy, standalone for readers who enjoy fast paced stories with star crossed lovers, tension and conflict and happily ever afters despite the odds.

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