I’m hunted, half dead from my father’s assassin when I stumble on a vicious Khuldunian warrior. He is everything I need. Fearless, possessive, willing to protect me from my enemies in exchange for the only currency I have left.


My blood, and my body.


But our deal becomes so much more. His instincts drive him to lock me away, to guard me from danger, but I won’t be caged again.


Even when I discover a secret that will change everything.


The Warlord’s Prize is a spicy novella, prequel to His Secret Heir: Dread Lord’s Fated Mate. For readers who enjoy possessive, protective alien warriors, devil’s bargains, secrets and fated mates.


A matebond born in blood and betrayal. An obsessed alien warlord prince who will hunt her across galaxies rather than let her go. . .



I’m just your average gal, a fugitive on the run from the possessive barbarian warlord who tried to claim me as his mate and drag me back to his planet as a blood concubine.



I fled. He isn’t happy.



How was I supposed to know he was a prince?



And since I’m a wanted criminal on his planet, when he captures me, I don’t expect a happy reunion.


One savage warrior prince pissed off at having to hunt me across galaxies? Check.


Two walking, talking secrets I’ve kept from him? Double check.



A mating frenzy I can’t escape, and an enemy who doesn’t want me to have a happily ever after? Yeah, check that too.



Ready for departure? Great, download now.



His Secret Heir is an ultra steamy, slightly dark, sci fi alien warrior royalty romance for readers who crave enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, and vampire barbarians who won’t take no for an answer. First in the Khuldun Warriors series.



PLEASE NOTE: Some of the steamy scenes may be triggering to some readers for slightly dark themes. Those chapters may be skipped without impacting the overall arc of the story.


Dread Lord Delgen thinks I’m his space order bride, a rich Earthen socialite whose credits will save his people. Only I’m not—I’m the imposter sent to kill him.

Which should be easy, since he’s a scary bloodsucking warrior hiding the truth about my sister’s death. It’s not easy to keep my distance—the matebond has taken us both. My will is wavering, but if I tell him the truth, will he kill me or let me go?

Even worse, will he keep me and marry his true bride instead?

His Enemy Wife is a steamy sci fi romance, 2nd in the Khuldun Warriors series. Enemies to lovers, fated mates, protective, growly warriors, Big Secrets, all the good stuff.