$ 0.002
  • A final set of eyes after line editing
  • Check for spelling and punctuation errors
  • Chicago Manual of Style


$ .004
  • Edit by line for style, flow, and verb tense
  • Edit to increase tension, chemistry, enhance setting, strengthen chapter endings and beginnings
  • Basic plot review. Editor will notate any major inconsistencies, and/or potential need for sensitivity review
  • Edit for overused and crutch words
  • Audit pacing


$ .003
  • In line comments detailing emotional reactions to story
  • Notate slow pacing, confusion/skepticism with plot holes and/or character motivations
  • Identify unfulfilled Reader Promises
  • Notate weakness in Romance ARC, if applicable
  • Identify dangling plot threads
  • Additional email (or IM/DM) support provided. Ask any questions regarding comments. 30 minute Zoom conference is available, if desired.


$ 0.04
  • Limited quarterly slots available
  • Will deliver a publish ready manuscript
  • $300 surcharge to add on custom plot


$ .005
  • Ghostwriting for sex scenes, epilogues, or any other work needed, up to 3,000 words


$ 50
/up to 8,000 words
  • .007/word for samples over 8,000 words
  • Beta Read laser focused on the first 10% of a manuscript
  • Identify potential DNF point (and notate why)
  • Address slow pacing, lack of emotional engagement, lackluster or missing Meet Cute, weak GMC and uninspiring characters
  • Identify weak/missing conflict and tension
  • Unlike in a traditional Beta Read, Comments will be accompanied by suggestion to address identified issue


$ 100
  • Will research market trends for Top 25 books in target niche and craft a compelling blurb
  • Includes 3 revisions


$ .005
  • During a full read of manuscript will compile a concordance of Characters, Places, Objects of Power, Magic Systems, Cultures, etc


$ .006
  • Read book of client's choice and compile a chapter-by-chapter summary of story
  • Includes Character list
  • Identify major plot points
  • Approx 200 words per chapter summary


$ 5
  • Add on to any editing service
  • Will identify and extract sizzling quotes ideal for marketing and social media sharing
  • Includes light editing to enhance quote for optimal social media/marketing presentation


$ 150
  • Will develop, using the Snowflake Method, a story summary that includes, Goal, Motivation, Conflict, Objection to Love, Character Wound for 2 Protags & 1 Antag and 3 Try/Fail cycles.
  • Collaboration is welcome, if desired


$ 25
  • Compile a 1 page summary on research topic of client's choice


$ .0076
  • An unhinged, raw, and unprotected Beta Read WITH suggestions, followed by—hoping you took the Harpy’s advice—a potentially* brutal Line Edit of your finished draft, because not only did you ask for it, but you paid for it, too. This package includes a 15% discount and Zoom consult, if desired. Edited by The Harpy.
  • *This service is not suited for individuals sensitive to blunt feedback or wanting only a light touch on their manuscript. That said, Harpy does not edit for the sake of editing. If your prose is to her satisfaction, she may adjust your rate accordingly.


All custom covers include full wrap, A+ content, and up to 3 revisions.



Constructive, positive, will hold your hand and phrase feedback in the blandest, sweetest tone possible without sacrificing the honesty of the feedback.


Yeah. You need no B.S., sneering, professional feedback from someone who doesn’t care about your feelings and will tell you in blistering detail exactly what you did to make her DNF your weak manuscript, and how to fix it so you aren’t wasting her time in future. Cause bidness is bidness, bae. You’re tired of people blowing smoke up your sensitive a— *Emma takes the keyboard away from Harpy*




8,000 words per business day for Proofreads. 5,000-8,000 words per business day for all other services. LAST MINUTE bookings are possible based on availability.

1,000 sample edit available upon request

Please email/IM to discuss the project (if it isn’t a genre I read and thoroughly understand, I won’t waste your money. or Emma Alisyn on FB/Discord. Personal profile, not Page. Or DD.


In general, I will consider projects in genres I enjoy reading, and I require a complete plot which includes Character Sheets, Romance ARC if applicable, Story Problem ARC, Resolution.


If I must provide a plot, it will be a $300 surcharge, paid upfront. Anything your plot doesn’t address I will make up, and I will not revise. If it is something major, I will email you first, however.


TURNAROUND: Is 1,500 words/business day. I include content and line editing. I will deliver you a manuscript fit to publish as is, barring a final proofread. 

REVISIONS: I don’t do revision requests once a plot is approved, or if you provide the plot AND I have addressed every plot point.


I only take one ghost client at a time.

PAYMENT: You can chose to pay me as I go and I will export the chapters every 25% (this is also your best bet to ask for minor revisions. I don’t mind doing it as I’m drafting) or you can deposit 25% down and pay the balance before delivery.


If payment is not made in full within 2 business days, I retain rights to the book and will publish it myself, and you forfeit the deposit. (If you had a major unexpected life event, I will apply your deposit to a future project, but I’m still taking the book.) If Something Unexpected Occurred, I may consider a Payment Plan on a case by case basis. But no delivery until payment in full.


SAMPLES: I don’t write any differently for my clients than I write for myself, other than to attempt to match your voice, if desired. For samples, see my most recent release.


COMMUNICATION: I’m on FB, Zoom, Discord, etc. I don’t mind if my clients hunt me down. If I’m avoiding people—I frequently do, because I should be writing—give me 24 hours to respond.


OTHER STUFF: I would love if you’d consider including me as your ‘co-author’ for the project and I would be happy to help you market it, but this isn’t required. This also depends on the quality of your cover. By co-author, I mean slap my name on the cover. You retain rights.

I’m Emma Alisyn, 42 yo mom of five and full time indie author. I began with academic ghostwriting, started self-publishing erotica in 2014 and then went on to write full-length fantasy romance, pnr, sci fi romance, regency romance, MM/MPREG pnr, and contemporary romance. I have published over 100 titles.


I have a M.Ed. in Special Education, a B.S. in Secondary Education and coursework in Instructional Design. I’m a life long avid whale reader of romance, and epic fantasy as well as a Trekkie. My non-fiction interests are in health/wellness, mom/family life, crafts and business


As you’ve probably realized, I’m pretty informal. That’s the plus side of working for myself. I don’t have to talk in Corporate. I have an obsessive work ethic, though, and I value my reputation. (Don’t believe anything They tell you.) I hang out in various Discords and I have a Zoom room if you’d like to meet. I look forward to working with you!