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A young man comes to his senses in a setting similar to the game he had recently been playing. Armed with a sacred weapon, and accompanied by the elven woman of his dreams, in his new reality the stakes are high, the pain is real, and the pleasure is greater than ever.

She belongs to me…

Just a glimpse and I know she is MINE.   

She isn’t like any other omega I’ve ever met, I hadn’t anticipated this need for her.

I should have stayed away…

But there’s a twisted, yearning, full of fear and anger inside me,

That insists that I claim her.

No one can stop me, from breaking her

From making her MINE… 

No one… not even her.

*This is the prequel to the Knotted Omega Series. 

Finding interesting ways to stay awake may be the least of this man’s problems.

Lùcas MacAilein is Sloth, the youngest of seven brothers. Seven well-known brothers. Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Wrath are their forced callings. Together they oversee the Deadly Sins. Each has its own unique set of distractions, like trying to rip out their Sins, break curses, the basic day in the life of a half-demon.
Lùcas has been set to a task. His half-sisters Coral, and Aqua, with whom he shares a mother, have been taken by their Mage father. Lùcas knows he must do whatever it takes to save them.
With the help of Gizmo, his Tech Witch best friend he must keep on the trail, and keep himself interested in its direction, or risk his Sin winning over his desires.
Will his mates a WereKitten and a Sea Dragon be helpful cohorts or distractions? Hell only knows and it is not giving up any secrets…

Fifteen-year-old Titania passes her days walking the woods and collecting crystals from the brook. But when anchor crystals are taken from the Faerie Ring, even the high stone walls of the castle won’t protect her.

Ordered to stay safe from harm within the castle gates, Titania brainstorms a solution for catching the mutant Kobold plaguing her kingdom with her new guard Foster. If the anchors aren’t found in time the ring will fail. With no link to the above, they’ll be left in the dark without sunlight or water from Upper Earth. Further, they’ll be vulnerable to the creatures below.

Can she and her new friend stop the Kobold and find the crystals before darkness descends?