Never catch the eye of a High Fae Lord. And if you do. . .don’t run. That will only excite the beast.


All I want is a slot in the High Lord’s ballet company. With a secret edge over the competition, I’ll get it—as long as nothing destroys my focus, and I don’t attract the wrong attention.

The wrong attention shows up at the worst moment, and High Lord Andrei snatches me off the street, whispering filthy promises I’m not stupid enough to believe. . .but my will is no match for a powerful Fae.


Her dark eyes lure me in and activate my bloodline’s curse the moment I see her. Innocent but cynical, sweet but sneaky.

The skittish Muse requires gentle wooing, and for now I can hide my hunger. As long as she is obedient. As long as she doesn’t challenge that she is mine.

But I should have known I wasn’t the only one who saw her, and wanted.

I should have known keeping her alive, and at my side, would become a game of life and death.


  • Standalone, no cliffs. First in new series of connected standalones.
  • Slow burn, scorching heat MF secondary world Fae Court Fantasy romance 
  • MMFM scenes
  • Soulbond/soulmates
  • Powerful, protective, possessive High Fae hero 
  • Mortal, multi-racial heroine coming into power (She’s 30+)
  • Found family/affection/acceptance
  • Diverse, Pan, LGBTQ inclusive cast 
  • Dark and Morally Grey elements
  • 1st person, Dual POV
  • Set in the world of The Fae Prince of Everenne

A war of Fae Houses. A Prince waking from darkness. A woman drenched in his blood.

Prince Renaud, my mother’s killer, is waking. The Court has not felt the full weight of an Old One in centuries, and it’s my fault.

I am Aerinne Capulette, Lady of House Faronne, and I will have my vengeance against House Montague and Renaud. But despite the ground war I’ve led since I was a child, we remain locked in bloody stalemate.

If the Prince takes the field against us, he will rip from my mind the secret that will shred any hope for peace, or victory.

He will kill me if he discovers the truth. . .

. . .sweet, foolish child. Your death is not what I desire. I have not waited, watched, and planned for centuries to let something as petty as a halfling girl’s vengeance keep me from claiming what is mine.

To protect you, and to ensure my reign, I will bend you to my will. I will slake this obsession with your blood and tears, and I will yield you to no one.

Let your House protest. Let my Court look aghast. They are nothing.

And you—you are my anchor.

We may be enemies, but your hatred only seduces my darkness.


  • Slow burn, scorching heat MF Dark Fae Court Fantasy romance 
  • Dark, Morally Grey
  • Soulbond/soulmates
  • Slightly insane High Fae Prince with a hidden agenda
  • A little Phantom of the Opera, a touch Sandman, Romeo & Juliet house feuds
  • Half-human, multi racial heroine bent on revenge & survival
  • Extended cast of family, friends and enemies
  • Themes of mental illness, PTSD, survivor’s guilt
  • First in 5 book series. Cliffhanger.
  • 1st person