A witch on the run with a powerful relic meets a billionaire dragon with a magical jewel that chooses her as his mate.

Single mom Jezamine defies her coven, fleeing a forced marriage with a family heirloom she refuses to let her ex-husband corrupt. When a surprise pregnancy changes everything, she knows the time for running is over.

Especially when running crashes her headlong into the arms of a sexy, testy, rich as hell dragon who pretends to be harmless but has glowing green eyes set on her, and claws that refuse to let go.

A witch with mysterious eyes and a hidden temper shows up on Donato’s doorstep at the worst possible time. For the first time in the centuries he’s worn it, the enspelled jewel around his neck bursts into life. But of course she comes with trouble, because what dragon’s mate doesn’t? But first Trouble is going to have to get past fang and flame.

No dragon worth his wings would allow anyone to harm his woman, and Donato isn’t going to be the first.

Billionaire Dragon’s Witch is a paranormal dragon shifter steamy romance. Fast paced, witty, with flashes of action and magic for readers who enjoy a standalone HEA.

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The dragon in front of her blinked, and shifted, the movement snapping her back into focus. He was staring at her oddly, probably because her mind had wandered for several seconds.

“Mr. Caruso?” Jezamine held out her hand, eyes wandering back to his chest. She jerked them back to his face. “I’m Jezamine.”

He looked at her hand, glanced back up at her with piercing green eyes, the blank pleasantness of his expression unaltered.

“Ms . . . Jezamine. This isn’t a good time. If you have a matter for the council, then—”

That spell. The longer she stood here, the more noticeable it became. What was it? She took a step forward without realizing what she was doing. “No, sir. This is a personal matter. I’m the mother of Joshua, a friend of Kayla’s and—”

His expression altered, the slightly vague fake friendliness evaporating into something hot and feral before altering back to calm. So quickly she might have thought she hadn’t seen it if his aura hadn’t also flamed at that second.

“Joshua? I know that name.”

She bet he did. Jezamine smiled weakly. “I thought we could sit down and talk . . . um, did Kayla . . . talk to you?”

His eyes narrowed as she spoke, nostrils flaring, and for a moment, he seemed to be looking over her shoulder before the round pupils of his eyes abruptly narrowed to slits.

“Jezamine,” he said softly.

Something was wrong. Beads of sweat were at her forehead, and she realized she was locking her knees in place to avoid rushing towards him. She stared in his eyes, and for a moment, the world faded away. Jezamine grimaced, shaking her head, a hand on her forehead. What in the world . . .? She shifted her sight, wary, and the wild flare of his aura warned her something wasn’t quite right. The spikes that indicated danger were absent, but . . . not quite.

He took a step forward. “Come in,” he said in a soft, cajoling tone.