When Valeria answers the summons to a mandatory mating selection, she doesn’t expect a green-eyed forest god to claim her as his mate—right in front of her fiancé.

As soon as he takes his first kiss, her body is aflame, and the bond begins to unravel every objection.


But her family is not so enamored. They would rather see her burn.


Will love and desire confine her to the flames when Chicago wars to reclaim one of its own?



First Scent punched him in the gut. He didn’t expect to find his mate, or that she would belong to another man.


But nothing will keep him from claiming Valeria’s sweet body, not even her own fear. He’s waited a thousand years and his feral dragon won’t wait a minute more.

The humans may try to take her from him, but he’ll kill them all if he must. By talon, by fang and by flame, he will keep what he’s claimed.


Dragon Claimed is a steamy paranormal shifter dragon romance with a broody, intense, possessive alpha male. For readers who love fated mates, conflict, and pages of scorching lust. Novella Two in the Thunder of Dragons series. Only open if you like protective dragons who are hot, rough, and thumb their nose at the word no.

He pulled her back against him, and she wasn’t even a little bit surprised to find him still aroused. His hardness against her filled her with heat, their bond buzzing between them, desperate for consummation.    


“You’re awfully confident,” Valeria murmured. “For a man who hasn’t put a ring on it. Or even taken me on a date.”  

“You can have your date, and your ring. My life is yours.”  


Jaecar dipped his head and caught her mouth in a kiss, grinding his bare arousal against her core. Valeria’s leggings might as well have been nonexistent; she could feel the heat of him through them.    


Their kiss started slow, unwinding the tension that had been building from their days apart. The razor’s edge of lust spread through them instead like thick, warm honey. 


This was insane, they had only met days ago, but after everything she had been through, she allowed herself this indulgence. It wasn’t the same as a one-night stand—they were mates, and that meant something in his culture. It was a bond more unbreakable than marriage. She would think about it all later. For now, there was just Jaecar. 


Jaecar, and her warming body. She slipped her fingers into his hair as warmth heated to fire, spreading through her body. Her core clenched and suddenly a steel trap of ravenous hunger sprang, clenching her in its jaws.


His gentle, exploratory kiss morphed in a second, his tongue spearing into her mouth as his hard body pressed against her. Suddenly it wasn’t just Jaecar the man, but Jaecar the dragon, kissing her. The intensity of his ruthless focus, the scrape of his teeth as he savagely deepened the kiss.


He tore his head away with a hiss and spun her around so she rested against his chest, his hand sliding down her body and slipping under her leggings. . .evidently he wasn’t messing around.


She made the mistake of twisting her head to look up at him and stilled. Bright, bright eyes stared down at her with a hunger she wasn’t entirely certain was just sexual.


His fingers delved into her curls, spreading her folds and rubbing up and down her slit.


Valeria moaned, eyes fluttering shut.


“Look at me,” he snarled. “You’ll know who is pleasuring you.”


She snapped her lids open as he speared her wet pussy with a single finger. She gasped, lips trembling.


He claimed them again, a growl in the back of his throat as a second finger joined the first. Claiming, plunging. No preliminaries, just an unspoken demand.


Her hips bucked as she rode him, his hard cock nestled in the curve of her ass. He angled inside her, searching for her spot. When she cried out, his lips spread in a savage grin against hers.


His thumb rubbed circles around her clit as his fingers fucked her, breathless speed and dexterity.


She needed more. “More,” she groaned, hardly recognizing her own voice.


His mouth slid from hers, trailing down her neck. He suckled as the pressure inside built and built, then suddenly the orgasm crested. She screamed, legs trembling as waves undulated inside her.   


But it wasn’t enough, and logic no longer ruled her mind. “More,” she said, voice strangled.


“What do you want?” The words were barely intelligible; deep, guttural, nothing human about the voice tearing from his vocal cords.


“You.” His cock, hard and ruthless, plunging into her hot core.


Hands gripped her hair almost painfully. “Be. More. Specific.”


She knew what he wanted. “Your cock. I need you to fuck me. Now.”