Currently part of the Stolen by Magic anthology

ETA Spring 2024

Never catch the eye of a High Fae Lord. And if you do. . .don’t run. That will only excite the beast.


All I want is a slot in the High Lord’s ballet company. With a secret edge over the competition, I’ll get it—as long as nothing destroys my focus, and I don’t attract the wrong attention.

On this side of the realm, the rules are different and no one will save you.

The wrong attention shows up at the worst moment, and High Lord Andrei snatches me off the street, whispering filthy promises I’m not stupid enough to believe. . .but my will is no match for a powerful Fae. 

I don’t know if he’s the catalyst to launch me into the glittering dance career I crave, or the monster who will drain my soul.

I don’t know if I have the strength to care.


Her dark eyes lure me in and activate my bloodline’s curse the moment I see her. Innocent but cynical, sweet but sneaky.

My fated match in a mortal, and she’s set me aflame.

The skittish Muse requires gentle wooing, and for now I can hide my hunger. As long as she is obedient. As long as she doesn’t challenge that she is mine.

But I should have known I wasn’t the only one who saw her, and wanted.

I should have known keeping her alive, and at my side, would become a game of life and death.


  • Slow burn, scorching heat MF (w/ MFM scenes) secondary world Fae Court Fantasy romance 

  • Soulbond/soulmates

  • Powerful, protective, possessive High Fae hero 

  • Mortal, multi-racial heroine coming into power (She’s 30+)

  • Found family/affection/acceptance

  • Diverse, Pan, LGBTQ inclusive cast 

  • Dark, Medium angst, Morally Grey

  • Standalone, no cliffs. First in new series of connected standalones.

  • 1st person, Dual POV

  • Set in the world of The Fae Prince of Everenne


some violence

painful intercourse (Endometriosis)

dubious consent



slow burn then, wham

erotic/explicit MF, MFM, MM & MMFM scenes*

*however, this is not intended as a RH. 



don’t you know me by now?


COMING 2024/2025


“You are wounded,” he murmurs, and sets aside his tea cup. He gestures, indicating I approach.

Wary, but not stupid enough to show it, I set down my untouched tea and rise, rounding the table and sinking to my knees in front of him.


His thumb brushes against a streak of dried blood on my cheek. “It is a minor scratch.” He meets my eyes. “I can tend it in my chambers—if you desire it. For a time, before you return to your duties.”

I don’t dare draw breath or break his impassive gaze. I understand, instantly, what he offers. Not a minor healing of a scratch that healed almost as soon as I received it.

The offer is his bed. For a few hours, on the understanding that it will mean nothing more than simple diversion and I am to seek no favor from him after.

He’s subtle. More subtle than I’m accustomed to, which is why it takes me several moments to formulate a reply that won’t offend him.

“I’m grateful for the offer,” I say. “I feel it unwise at this time. The trail will have already gone cool and once it does, my luck will run out.” And my luck is why I’m of any use to him at all.

Ashlyun withdraws his hand slowly, unblinking, then inclines his head and turns back to his tea. “As you say.”

I rise smoothly and he flicks a glance up at me. “You will report when you uncover the trail again.”

I bow. “Lord.”

My steps are measured, my pace an even beat as I retreat. Too fast and I’ll insult him and look weak, too slow and it will appear an invitation to hunt. He is a Lord of the High Court.

They like to hunt.

But timing is everything. Especially when there’s a ticking bomb staring calmly at your back, sipping tea.

When I’m under the cold light of day I lean against the wall and wish for a cigarette. What the fuck. How had I drawn the Vice Lord’s particular attention? Maybe he was simply riding the edges of a rut and I happened to be an unattached female present.

I shake myself. It doesn’t matter. I have a duty to perform on his behalf and if I fail, he will kill me himself. Though he might just fuck me first.

The High Lords like to fuck what they kill too.


Kidnapping, coercive breeding, violence, frank discussion of SA


COMING 2024/2025

Kidnapped by the man I least suspect. Dragged to the altar and wed at sword point. And now, forced to have a child to resolve a decades long blood feud between two Dark Fae high Houses. All because I am my father’s secret Heir.

I’m not having a good week.

As for my captor, the father of my child, the immortal who says he loves me—and Fae cannot lie. . .well. Vengeance is sweet, saith the High Fae Lord. 


And I will be Lord. I will control my fate.

Even if it means going to war with my wedded, and bedded, husband.

Because this, I am told, is how Dark Fae fall in love.