Secrets. Desire. Surprise baby.

Curvy Meredith is hiding in plain sight. A gardening teacher for troubled teens, she needs the new owner of the old YWCA building to renew her lease. Her non-profit after school program can’t fund a more expensive location. Steeling herself for a confrontation, she discovers the owner is Liam Conroy, the Alpha Bear whose father was murdered fifteen years ago…


Liam doesn't know his mate is the daughter of his father's killer. All he knows is he wants the gentle, courageous beauty- and that she is an answer to a problem plaguing his Den. Only he senses she is hiding something from him, something that could threaten their fledgling matebond.


When he discovers her deception, will he reject her... and their baby?

Bear shifter Alphonso shunned his curvy mate Tamar to protect her from his dark past... but when he discovers he is the father of her baby, will he take the risk in order to raise their child?

Always looking over his shoulder for enemies, Alphonso pushed curvy Tamar away after their one, blazing hot night together. "I'm not relationship material, Tam. Don't get stars in your eyes."
Only that one night resulted in a secret child, a beautiful baby girl Tamar has been hiding in plain sight for six months. Waiting patiently for him to see the goshdarnit light already. When he discovers her deception, Alphonso knows he has a choice to make. Continue to allow his past to dictate his future, or take a chance on true love and family?
Tamar isn't certain her childhood love Al will ever see reason- she knows he did some bad stuff. Especially when that bad stuff shows up in the form of a curvy, exotic ex-girlfriend looking for protection. Tamar isn't going to roll over and play dead, though. She's Head Sow in these parts and no one- not the mysterious beauty, not her father's disapproval, and certainly not the enemies waiting in the shadows to strike- are going to claim what belongs to her without a bloody fight.

A rebel Alpha billionaire. A beautiful, exiled Bear. A chance at love… but only if they break the Law.

Norelle Challenged the Alpha and lost. Exiled to Seattle until she drags home a rebellious billionaire to face the Council, she discovers a possibility for love and family… but only at the expense of her future position in the Council.
Cassius has no love for the Council. If they’d had their way, he would never have been born. When a angry Bear female bursts in on a business meeting, he knows instantly she is his mate. But she is also a staunch supporter of the Council… the very shifters he can’t stand, and would consign to hell given the chance.
She wants him to come home and uphold the law of their people. He wants her to renounce the Council and make a family, a Den, with him.

Fated mates. A steamy winter night. A choice to raise their baby together—or apart.​

When Rebekah meets her future mate by chance and falls in love, she must make the agonizing choice to leave him.
Daamin demands Rebekah choose him over duty. Will he sacrifice pride and claim his winter mate? Or will he let her go, and never know that their one passionate night produced a special gift?
One Bearry Night is a winter solstice holiday novella in the Clan Conroy Mates series. For readers who love steamy, emotional romance and fated mates. This is a standalone with a HEA. Previously published as part of the Shifter & Spice duology.

A baker yearning for her Bear in furry armor. A male ready to Claim his mate. The witch standing between their mate bond.

Curvy hedgewitch Amberely has been Jayson's secret crush since high school. When Amberely is placed in sudden danger, Jayson doesn't hesitate. She is his have, to hold, and to protect.

And no matter what spells her mother casts against him, he's determined to finally claim his mate.

Bear in Furry Armor is a warm, steamy shifter romance novella in the Clan Conroy Mates series. For readers who love secret crushes, friend to lovers and fated mates. This is a standalone with a happily ever after. Previously published in the Shifters & Spice duology.


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