The Royal House of Sahakian, Queen Izobelle, Prince Andrei, and Princess Miahela of Casakraine, rule their shifter nation with an iron, but just, fist. But their fiercely loyal family of three is about to become three fated mates stronger.

These are the stories of how one by one, the strongest bear shifters in the land succumb to love, and the call of the mating bond.

A secret shifter prince. A poor American ballerina. To be together, they’ll have to defy a royal court.

Prince Andrei has found his mate. Her beauty and gentle spirit soothes his inner beast. He must woo her gently, though he craves to claim her at once. But she’s human, and American, and the royal court wants a shifter female of noble blood to bear his heirs.

It’s too late. His dancing princess is already with child, and he’ll protect her from anyone, including his own family.

She’s defied conservative parents and braved poverty to attend a prestigious arts university to major in dance. News that the royal house of Casakraine will attend the next student recital spreads like wildfire—but she almost doesn’t care.

For once, something is more important to Hannah than dance. His name is Andrew, and though he is kind and courtly, she senses something dark and feral under his quiet, intense exterior.

And Hannah’s right—he isn’t who he says he is. Andrew isn’t even his name.

Suddenly, she’s immersed into a world of wealth and power. She doesn’t belong, but she has no choice. Her secret prince will never let her go.

A king bound by disguise. A princess bound by duty. A hidden enemy poised to topple them both.

Damitru has been patient, waiting for years for the right time to claim his mate. The Princess Miahela thinks he’s a commoner, and now that she is being wed to the highest bidder, it forces Damitru’s hand. This wasn’t the way he wanted to do it—he’d wanted to woo her, to win her heart and have her choose him despite being ‘poor.’

But Miahela’s sense of duty is too strong—she’s willing to deny her heart to serve her country.

The time for chivalry is over.

Damitru will play his hand. Now is the time to reveal that Miahela’s humble suitor is really the king in the mountain—and he will allow no male to claim what is his.

Swept away to his mountain castle, Miahela must learn to rule over a wild, untamed Court. A hidden enemy lurks in the shadows, threatening not just Damitru’s crown, but their lives.

A queen betrayed. A warrior enflamed. An unexpected bond between wary mates.

The cold queen is mine.
Malvin Dacus came to seduce royal Izobelle Sahakian into an alliance with his nation, and stayed to claim a fiery mate. There are traitors in their Courts, and he didn't fight fang and claw for decades to lose his position as Clan Chief now. Or to fail to protect the woman who rips every screaming need to possess her from his battle hardened body.

A wild warrior circles me.
The suitors never cease. Sophisticated, court trained liars with hidden agendas who think just because Izobelle has killed no one in over a decade, she's gone soft.

The nerve.

But alpha Malvin Dacus, tall, dark, and warrior deadly, tugs at her icy control with his crooning burr and leather kilt. The unexpected flare of a matebond complicates everything—and raises the stakes of failure if together they cannot foil a deadly plot and keep their heads, and their crowns.