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She’s hunting a bounty, not a mate…
Vita Minnick has one job: hunt down lowlifes who owe her boss money and deliver them for a profit. When a ticket for Braxtyn NaZade comes up it should be a job just like any other. But from the moment she sees him, Vita can’t help but think he’s… different. She’s not going to fall for one of her marks, but what if there’s been a mistake?

Brax doesn’t owe anyone anything…
When a masked woman steals him away from Earth, Brax knows he’s in trouble. At first, he just wants to go home. But when he catches sight of the red headed huntress all his plans change. Who would have thought his fated mate would be the one to abduct him?

When a betrayal rocks Vita’s identity to the core, she and Brax will need to work together to get to the bottom of the mystery… and to get justice. But can a Detyen claim a bounty hunter who refuses to be tied down? Brax might have found his denya, but he’ll need to convince her he’s worth the risk… before they both perish.

Read Braxtyn for fated mates, a heart-melting hero, a tough and world-weary heroine and adventures that are out of this world!

Braxtyn is the eighth book in the Mated to the Alien series about a race of aliens doomed to die if they don’t meet their fated mates. The series can be read in any order and there are no cliffhangers!


She makes his blood boil. And he can't tell anymore if its from frustration or desire...

Navat may have to work with the the human woman assigned to help his team.

But he doesn't have to like her.
Not her attitude. The soft curves of her lips.
Or her stormy eyes. Or the way his skin burns when they touch.
Not the way the scent of her make him lose his mind whenever she's near.

Nope. Not a thing. 

Navat is the seventeenth book in the Conquered World science fiction romance series. 

Each book features the romance of a new couple, with alpha male alien warriors and women who don't put up with their nonsense. No cheating, no cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!

I’m the only human left…

Being abducted by aliens was shocking.

Even though it was by gorgeous silver Conan the Barbarians in loincloths that’d make my Granny blush.

The real shocker though, ya’ll?

They turned my friends into aliens to take them as brides.

Everyone except me.

Now I’ve got to navigate life on a strange planet surrounded by giant aliens speaking some crazy tongue I can’t follow and one of the warriors has got his eye on me. He’s hot, but he’s huge.

And I’m not talking one of those corn-fed boys huge. I mean, silver is the new green and don’t make him angry.

But I can’t help but stare. And touch.

I may be in trouble.

Bless my heart.

If you like your steamy sci-fi romances with sassy Earth women that’ll make you laugh and sexy alien warriors that’ll make you sweat, grab this addition to the Kutarian Warrior series now!

No cheating, no cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!

Each book in the Kutarian Warriors series can be read as a standalone science fiction romance, but they’re a part of an overarching plot and would be more enjoyable if read in order, starting with the first book: Abducted by an Alien Savage.


The world hates him.
But my soul craves him.

He’s a beast.
A killer. With the blood of thousands on his hands.
He has no mercy.
No repentance for what he did.
But it isn’t his cruelty that astounds me.

It’s the sin he awakens inside of me.

I have no control around him.
His will is too strong. His hold over me too deep.
I know I should run.
I know I should hide.
Anyone else would.

But instead I’ll fight next to him.
I’ll defend him to my dying breath.
I may not make it out alive.
But at least I’ll die by his side.

And even if we do make it out alive.
I’ll gladly forsake the life I knew.

For another damning dose of his touch.

Mercy’s End explores a darker and grittier side of the Athenaverse. It can be read as a standalone, but it still shares the same universe that you’ve found in other books. This book features a dark romance of an alpha male alien warrior, and a human woman. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and HEA guaranteed.


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