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A King in disguise. A Princess forced to wed. Two shifter nations on the verge of war.


Princess Miahela has met her mate in secret for years. But Dami is a commoner, and she is commanded to wed to protect her crown. Right after Mia reveals they must stop their forest meetings, a foreign mountain King immediately comes to the Court of Casakraine claiming Mia as his own.

Damitru kept the knowledge of his mate's identity for years. The patience of a hunter, he sacrificed for the sake of his country. But the result of his patience is <i>not</i> reward.

Fine—claws are out. Now he will reveal his true identity and take what is his.

Swept away to his mountain castle, Princess Miahela must learn to rule over a wild, untamed Court. A hidden enemy lurks in the shadows, threatening not just Dami's crown, but their lives. The Bear Princess must become a Bear Warrior.

Bear Princess is a paranormal shifter royalty romance featuring an alpha mountain King with the hotness of a Viking, a princess who discovers she is more spice than sweet, and an action packed plot. For readers who love shifters, fairy tale retellings, royals and steamy fantasy romance. 2nd in the Royals of Casakraine series, this is a HEA fated mates standalone.

Download now because you love shifter Kings in disguise, kickass Princesses, fated mates and scheming royal courts.

RELEASE DATE: 1/21/2016

PUBLISHER: Hard Candies Publishing

SERIES: The Royals of Casakraine

GENRE: Paranormal, romance, bear shifter, royalty, HEA



EDITOR: Danae Ashe

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